Bloom Ceramic Chandelier
from $1,280.00
Ceramic Ginkgo Chandelier Double S
from $2,399.00
Ceramic Ginkgo Chandelier
from $1,599.00
Ceramic Ginkgo Petal Chandelier
from $1,699.00
Ceramic Ginkgo Round Chandelier
from $1,299.00
Alabaster Creative Pendant
from $528.00
Alabaster Oval Art Pendant Light
from $418.00
Alabaster Lantern Pendant
from $598.00
Alabaster Bedside Art Pendant
from $428.00
Alabaster Popular Art Pendant
Alabaster Cube Foyer Staircase Long Chandelier
The Alabaster Collection Light is the perfect addition to any contemporary home. It is made out of natural gypsum, giving off an organic and eco-friendly vibe. The snowflake design adds a modern, yet cozy touch to any room. Its long-lasting LED bulbs make it energy-efficient and provide a soft, warm glow. Its lightweight yet durable construction ensures that it will last for years to come. This elegant and stylish light is sure to be the perfect finishing touch to your home.
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Primary Crystal Cluster Multi Rings Chandelier
The simple and artistic design brings a breakthrough to your imagination.
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